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Pan­els that are con­fig­ur­able for cli­ents

Fol­low the in­form­a­tion the way in­terests you the most. On Twist Now, you have the free­dom to or­gan­ize the me­dia’s con­tent the way you want. You can pri­or­it­ise con­tent by its theme, num­ber of visu­al­iz­a­tions, likes, com­ments and re­jec­tions, rel­ev­ance, or even quant­ity of quot­ing.

Mon­it­or­ing Face­book's pub­lic pages

On Twist Now, you pick up which are the most rel­ev­ant pages to fol­low. Mon­it­or the most in­ter­est­ing in­sti­tu­tions, brands and per­son­al­it­ies and know in real time what they pub­lish on Face­book.

Di­verse sources on the same pan­el

By us­ing the sup­port of in­tel­li­gent al­gorithms, Twist Now al­lows you to ac­com­pany, all in the same place, which are the most rel­ev­ant top­ics on di­verse plat­forms, such as You­tube, Twit­ter, Face­book, Google Trends, and even on the news.

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